Saturday, June 27, 2009

My pitch at trying to get my company to use Groovy alongside Java

This is a blog I've previously posted on my other blog page.

It was turned down since it was deemed too young of a language and not enough people know it as a whole.
What are your thoughts on this matter?
How would you pitch Groovy to your company if you had to, and would you?

Here is the link to the presentation that I've shown:


Anonymous said...

The presentation seems to have been removed from Scribd for some reason. Could you put a copy of it somewhere else? (Slideshare perhaps?)


kellyrob said...

I would, and have, pitched the use of Groovy for my company.
Using the testing angle, it was easier to convince people of the usefulness and still minimize the sense of risk - after all we don't ship tests to customers.
I'm happy to say that Groovy usage has matured nicely in our environment, gaining ground from an internal testing and infrastructure tool to the point where developers are pretty much free to intermix Java and Groovy at will. I gave a presentation to our development team recently, not so much to convince them to use Groovy, but to start them off with some of the basics so that they could get the most out of it.
The materials are attached here if you're interested in looking, although your presentation covers a lot of the same ground(nice job by the way).
Good luck, and don't give up - it's worth the pain now for the productivity gains later.